Total Solutions is a Tulsa based PC/Server & network consulting company started in 2002, focused on support for small to medium sized companies. Specializing  in Microsoft  Server solutions such as Exchange Server& SQL Server to name a few.   We also provide Network design, Security services such as server/network monitoring, Server & PC support either remotely or on-site. Total Solutions has designed and implemented solutions and trouble resolution for companies from 1 employee to companies with users across the world. 

  • We also provide maintenance plans or bulk rates to companies that are just a bit to small for a dedicated Network Administrator or even a few network technicians but need help rolloing out large projects. With regularly scheduled service your network and computing systems will run safer, faster, and more reliable just like your vehicle. Instead of waiting until an emergency situation because of a downed server for example;  many situations can be predicted or prevented with our monitoring and service plans.  A company that has their main file server down for even a day could costs thousands of dollars if not worse lost customers!

  • Don’t “think” you have a good backup “know”  you have a good backup we can provide solutions for either physical off-site media backups or off-site backups via the Web. We also have solutions to virtualize your production Servers or PCs and test what happens when you try and restore that data. Many times a backup was configured by a former network admin or another Tech company, do you know that ALL your important company data is being archived and 100% recoverable? Most companies have a backup solution in place but has your company tried recovering from the backups before it’s an emergency? A backup is only good if it has all your network shares, databases, company documents and company e-mails included, if new file shares or database servers are added after  the backup configuration it’s possible they aren’t backed up at all. We can validate in a virtual test environment with virtual copies of your servers and a virtual workstation what happens if you roll back your accounting application or database server.